Comment 24 for bug 1263540

aslam karachiwala (akwala) wrote :

>...the limit is 40 keys in total, essentially? Is there a way to increase that without mucking about with the source?
This is not a configurable limit AFAIK.

>...I don't have any zero-length files to remove as they are all in use.
I believe the bug that left the zero-length files upon deletion of PPAs was fixed a while back. More info in the upstream bug log:

You may have multiple keyrings (*.gpg) with the same key if you have multiple PPAs that share the same key. You could delete all but one of such keyrings.

I looked at my /etc/apt/trusted.gpg.d and found only a handful of keyrings for debian/mozilla archives which I probably added. I'm on Ubuntu 14.04, so this issue appears to be fixed in this version.