Comment 3 for bug 62542

Martin Pitt (pitti) wrote :

 apport (0.24) edgy; urgency=low
   The "Need for speed" release -- rrrroarrr!
   * apport: Remove _copy_shrink_corefile(): While this has an enormous impact
     on the size of an uncompressed core dump, it only causes a negligible size
     reduction of the bzip2'ed core, but it needs a lot of I/O resources for
     large core dumps.
     - Use zlib instead of bzip2 for compressing the binary data (in
       particular, core dumps). This results in slightly bigger files, but speeds
       up compression a lot (30 seconds vs. ~2:45 minutes for a Firefox core dump
       on my slow iBook). Closes: LP#61538
     - Support both bzip2 and zlib compression to be able
       to read existing reports, too.
     - Add/Adapt test cases.
   * Move InformationCollector._get_gdb() from apport to
     report_add_gdb_info(), and add a test case for it.
   *, report_add_package_info(): Support calling without a
     package name, then it will be figured out from ExecutableName. Extend test
     case accordingly.
   * test-apport: Do not require apport reports to contain gdb, packaging, and
     OS information, since we are going to move them out of apport.
   * apport: Do not collect static information. It requires a lot of CPU and
     I/O resources and slows down the machine a lot, and it can be added to
     the report later in the frontend. This also gets rid of the entire
     InformationCollector class, since everything has been moved to now. Closes: LP#62542
   * apport: Do not intercept KeyboardInterrupt as unhandled exception (only
     useful for command line debugging, though).
   * Add test case for appending new data to an existing
     report, fix write() function to not rely on an existing ProblemType key.
   * Add new method ProblemReport.add_to_existing() to
     update an already existing problem report with new data. Add test case.
   *, mark_report_seen(): Use os.utime() instead of
     open()/read() and a timeout for simpler and faster operation.
   * gtk/apport-gtk:
     - Collect gdb/packaging/operating system information when the user chooses
       to file a bug and update the apport report.
     - Change the 'Downloading bug patterns...' progress dialog to 'Collecting
       information about the crash...'.
   * debian/control: Bumped library dependencies of apport-gtk, added
     update-notifer dependency.