Comment 43 for bug 1717714

Eric Desrochers (slashd) wrote :

Hi Seyeong,

I did some verification this morning based on your comment #42.

After some digging... it turns out that the profiles in "apparmor_src_pkg/profiles/" are not used. if you are attempting to patch a profile, you must adjust it to patch apparmor_src_pkg/profiles-14.04/ instead.

In this particular case "apparmor-src-pkg/profiles-14.04/apparmor.d/tunables/kernelvars" instead of "apparmor-pkg-src/profiles/apparmor.d/tunables/kernelvars".

You did the right thing by putting the bug to verification-failed-trusty.

As of the next step ... I would recommend you re-do the patch considering the above, and pay attention this time that the change is taken into account in your pkg PPA build, then test your reproducer against the package, make sure it works as expected.

Once everything is confirm on your side, I'll double-check one more time before the proceeding the next upload.

- Eric