Comment 25 for bug 1717714

Christian Boltz (cboltz) wrote :

> Not quite sure now if apparmor upstream is found in launchpad[1] or gitlab[2].

The code moved from bzr to gitlab recently. Bug tracking and translations are still handled on launchpad.

> I would go with that versionning approach instead:
> apparmor | 2.11.0-2ubuntu17.1 | artful
> apparmor | 2.11.0-2ubuntu19 | bionic

2.11.0? I'd seriously recommend to upgrade to 2.11.1 which has quite some bugfixes, see
Note that the 7 digit pid patch was backported to the 2.11 branch after the 2.11.1 release, so you'll still need to apply this patch on top.

For bionic, you might even want to use 2.12.