Comment 21 for bug 1305108

Jamie Strandboge (jdstrand) wrote :

I'm not sure why we wouldn't use a task. The definition is "A Task Job is one which runs a short-running process, that is, a program which might still take a long time to run, but which has a definite lifetime and end state." That precisely describes this job. apparmor, click-apparmor and apparmor-easyoprof-ubuntu may all want to restart this job in their postinst too (this job removes the need for the click-apparmor upstart job). Also, the cookbook states that a task will emit started, but if stopped is more idiomatic, that's fine.

Assuming we wanted to use a task, we need to do:
1. adjust lightdm's job to use 'and stopped apparmor' (weird, but 'ok')
2. adjust the attached apparmor job to use 'start on filesystem'?

What happens if a user purges apparmor from the system-- are they expected to adjust the lightdm job (or use an override)?