Comment 0 for bug 1370218

I recently wrote a small application[1] to spot an ancient issue I had using QAudioRecorder on Ubuntu devices.

After I have installer gstreamer0.10-pulseaudio (otherwise "pulseaudio:" is not listed as available source), I tried to start a record through QAudioRecorder but it failed, giving me this output:
"shm_open() failed: Permission denied"

I've checked for some denials from apparmor (using 'dmesg | grep DEN'), but none was found.

If I change the apparmor profile[2], so that my test application is launched in a unconfined environment, QAudioRecorder works properly as expected.

I run this test on my Nexus 5 (utopic-devel-proposed #185), but this problem with shm happens also on i386 ubuntu-emulator (utopic-devel #206).

Just for reference, this is the link to the original mail, stored in the ubuntu-phone team mailing list archive:

[1] -
    "policy_version": 1.2,
    "template": "unconfined",
    "policy_groups": []