Comment 7 for bug 907816

@nagendra-d, it does not look like this is a software bug, but a
configuration issue that @skliarie has faced. Feel free to
talk to him through this bug (for documenting purposes) but
I'm keeping the status here as Invalid so we can better track
things we actually have an action for.

Thank you for taking the time to file a bug report.

Since it seems likely to me that this is a local configuration problem,
rather than a bug in Ubuntu, I am marking this bug as 'Incomplete'.

However, if you believe that this is really a bug in Ubuntu, then we would
be grateful if you would provide a more complete description of the problem
with steps to reproduce, explain why you believe this is a bug in Ubuntu
rather than a problem specific to your system, and then change the bug
status back to "New".

For local configuration issues, you can find assistance here: