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Neil Van Dyke (neil-neilvandyke) wrote : Re: [Bug 394350] Re: RLimitCPU has no effect in Apache

Chuck Short wrote at 07/02/2009 09:51 AM:
> Do you have a script or a cgi that tests this bug?

The following "cgi-bin" script can be used to trigger "RLimitCPU" in a
correctly functioning Apache. Setting the limits to 2 seconds of CPU
time typically permits around 10 seconds of real time to watch the time
grow in "top". On a correctly functioning Apache, the process
terminates shortly after 2 seconds of CPU time are incurred. Thanks.

echo "Content-Type: text/html"
echo ""
echo "BEFORE"
while true ; do
    expr 1 + 1 > /dev/null
echo "AFTER"