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Paride Legovini (paride) wrote :

Thanks for the additional info thermoman. I think this will be difficult to debug by looking at apache2 alone; one reason for that: we would be getting many more bug reports about this if this were a bug affecting simple/common apache2 configurations.

I have some questions that may give us some clues:

- If you disable logrotate, do you ever get apache2 processes stuck in "Sending Reply" state? What I suspect is that processes get stuck in that state independently of the graceful reload, but the reload somehow leads of accumulation of more processes.

- Given that you are using php7.4 I assume you are running Focal. Is it possible for you to try to reproduce the issue on a Jammy system? This may help us figuring out where the problem is by bisecting, and then deliver a Focal fix.

- My gut feeling is that PHP may be involved in this. Are you able to try to reproduce the issue with a different PHP version from ? (This is not the Ubuntu supported way, but again: we're looking for clues.)