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> ... would it make more sense to get this backported by Apache to stable, or is your preference that we do the backport in Ubuntu?

I am fine with both. It would certainly be good to have this is stable, since it would make things much easier. However, I have no clue how the Apache community handles such things.

I would guess that backporting these changes should not be a too huge effort, since I would guess that mod_ssl did not change much in the areas affected by the patches since quite long time. However, I have not tried to backport them.

> 1) Can we be sure that no further changes that have made it over time into 2.5.x
are needed on top (means any add. internal code dependencies) ?

I don't think so, but I am also not that deep into mod_ssl that I can answer that.

> 2) And has this ever be tried with 2.4.x (which would mitigate the above) ?

No, I have not tried.

> 3) And would you share the backported version of the commit(s) for the 2.4.x trunk?

I don't have any.