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Besides the one commit that adds support for this ( I do see the following commits that are related: and - French translation of related docu.
- small fix to compile with OPENSSL_NO_ENGINE environment.

None of those commits are absolutely required, but yo might want to pick them anyway. I am not aware of anything further that would be required to make this work.

I can certainly test a .58+change build for noble once a 24.04 build is available in Tessia (our IBM internal test system installer). Alternatively, if I could install it on 23.10 then it would be even easier.

I can also provide a description how to setup such an environment, it only needs httpd (.58+change), a current opencryptoki (I guess we will get this in 24.04 anyway) and the pkcs11-provider from (must be built from source I guess since not available in Ubuntu distribution), together with a few config file updates to set it up. I guess you can even test it on non-s390x using opencryptoki's soft token.