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Andreas Hasenack (ahasenack) wrote :

Sure. For any package in ubuntu, the git repository is in:<package>

So, for apache2 for example, it would be:

Then, the branches. Quick intro:

ubuntu/devel: TIP. Currently this points at 24.04 noble
ubuntu/<release>-devel: is the TIP for that release. For example, ubuntu/jammy-devel would be TIP for 22.04 jammy. This includes packages currently in the -proposed repositories.

applied/<whatever>: same as above, but with all patches from debian/patches/* applied to the source tree.

In the case of unreleased packages, like my apache2 PPA packages, then it's in my own namespace. In the page, scroll down until "Other repositories", and there will be, and you can usually locate the correct branch name in there.

So for pkcs11-provider, the repo is

And for openssl-pkcs11-sign-provider, the repo is