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Paride Legovini (paride) wrote :

Hello and thanks for this bug report and for the reproducer. According to the upstream release notes [1] this bug is fixed in apache2 2.4.55, which is currently in Debian unstable but not in Lunar, so step 1 for fixing this is merging apache2 from Debian to Ubuntu. From what I can tell from the Debian d/changelog this shouldn't be a problematic merge.

Then we'll have to cherry-pick the patch you identified and apply it to the apache2 package in Jammy and Kinetic, following the SRU process [2].


From your comment in the linked upstream bug looks like you already rebuild the package with the fix for your local environment. Moreover I see that you already formatted the bug report in a way that is similar to the SRU bug template (again [2]).

If you're interested in getting involved in Ubuntu development I think you are in a good position here. The process the Server Team follows to do SRUs is documented in [3], and I volunteer to offer some guidance where needed, just let us know. (Should you want to get involved I suggest turning your account into a "personal" one, as in my understanding it is now a team account.)