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In , Alessandro-cavalier7 (alessandro-cavalier7) wrote :

We were very excited to see mod_proxy_hcheck support for AJP/CPING (r1887415) land in Ubuntu 22.04; however trying to enable it yields the following error:

   BalancerMember Health check method CPING not (yet) implemented

This was surprising for us since from a cursory look at the code this functionality seems implemented.

A couple of hours of debugging later we concluded that the order of execution of the code added in r1887415 seems to be incorrect: the code checking for AJP availability is executed in hc_post_config() which is unfortunately too late since the configuration syntax has already been marked invalid when the "hcmethod=CPING" token was found.

To fix this we simply moved the code checking for AJP availability in hc_pre_config(). We are running a patched version of http-2.4.52 on a couple of hosts running Ubuntu 22.04 and it seems to be working without issues so far.