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Utkarsh Gupta (utkarsh) wrote :


Thank you for taking the time to file a bug report.

We will need more information in order to proceed with the investigation of the bug. Based on the logs posted, I could not determine the cause for the error message.

When I repeat the steps described in the DpkgHistoryLog.log in a Focal container, namely:

# apt-get install apache2
# apt-get purge apache2
# apt-get autoremove --purge
# apt-get install apache2

Everything works as expected. Bear in mind, I have not modified any configuration file when running these tests. Therefore, I would like to ask you to provide:

1) More log files, especifically the Apache2 ones: /var/log/apache2/*, and "journalctl -u apache2.service".

2) Any custom configuration files for Apache2 that you might have.

Since there is not enough information in your report to begin triage or to
differentiate between a local configuration problem and a bug in Ubuntu, I
am marking this bug as "Incomplete". We would be grateful if you would:
provide a more complete description of the problem, explain why you
believe this is a bug in Ubuntu rather than a problem specific to your
system, and then change the bug status back to "New".

For local configuration issues, you can find assistance here: