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Horst Platz (hp-localhorst) wrote :

Hello Paride,

i am sorry but i am not familiar with LXD containers and yes i can reproduce the issue. So i use my config from above

The Proxy Machine is now Debian 11 apache2 2.4.51-1~deb11u1

18.04/bionic apache2 2.4.29-1ubuntu4.20 -> is working as expected
20.04/focal apache2 2.4.41-4ubuntu3.8 -> not working as expected
21.04/hirsute apache2 2.4.46-4ubuntu1.4 -> not working as expected
21.10/impish apache2 2.4.48-3.1ubuntu3.1 -> not working as expected

So i go ahead and compile apache from source to see how the upstream apache looks like and i came to the same result. With apache 2.4.41 starts the issue and the last version 2.4.51 is also affected from my perception. I create a bug report there.

And hopfully there comming some more information or results.