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Paride Legovini (paride) wrote :

Hello Horst and sorry for the late reply. I tried again to setup an Ubuntu-based reproducer, but I failed to draw any useful conclusion. A few questions come to my mind at this point:

1. Can you still reproduce the issue with apache2 from Impish or Jammy?

2. You identified as describing this issue in the version of apache2 shipped with Focal. As Hirsute should have a fixed version, but in your experience it does not, I think it's worth checking with the upstream Apache developers once again about the issue.

3. I fail to tell if the behavior you describe is due to a bug or to a local configuration issue. Without first clearly identifying the issue as a bug we can't really begin working on it. If you think there's actually a bug in Ubuntu here, what we need are some minimal but complete steps to reproduce it locally, ideally in LXD containers.

I'm marking this as Incomplete for the moment.