Comment 19 for bug 1842701

First of all, thanks to the great steps by Horst I was able to reproduce this on X/B/D releases.
[Tue Sep 10 06:39:37.715128 2019] [proxy_balancer:error] [pid 3314:tid 140601611724544] [client] AH10187: ignoring params in balancer-manager cross-site accessWith

With that set up I upgraded all those to the PPA [1] and retried the access.
It works without the AH10187 error now.
I also found no other new issue in the logs triggered by the update - at least not for this setup.

In an SRU sense I'd now call it verified.
I hope that helps to get this processed further, since it needs pushing to the -security pocket I can't help much further.