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Bryce Harrington (bryce) wrote (last edit ):

The regression discussed on this bug report pertained only to the xenial aspect of the fix, which was caused by omission of defining APACHE_SYSTEMD_SERVICE in Xenial's apache2ctl, as pointed out in comment #33. We opted to abandon the xenial update for this since xenial was near to end of standard support.

The bionic and focal updates weren't affected by that because their apache2ctl already had APACHE_SYSTEMD_SERVICE defined. It looks like their transition was initially blocked due to autopkgtest failures in other packages, however it looks like those were all resolved by simple retriggers; they may have just been intermittent test framework issues rather than actual test failures. It looks like they may have been blocked at that point waiting on verification.

I'll re-upload the bionic and focal fixes rebased on top of the security fix.