Comment 8 for bug 1786675

Robie Basak (racb) wrote :

> to add, I believe that even when there are no physical NICs, there is always a loopback interface on every machine, and this would trigger as soon as the loopback interface is configured (

In a test I arranged for a container to fail to get DHCP, and didn't fire there until something (DHCP? Something more systemd related?) had timed out.

I believe it's still incorrect to general service starts on in the general case. Road warrior laptop developers, for example, might expect apache2 available on the loopback interface, which isn't necessarily included in the definition of

I believe systemd upstream agrees with me, as documented on the page you found (

If you disagree, please take this to the mailing list. Otherwise you're just arguing with me rather than with a general Ubuntu developer audience, and that's not going to get you anywhere anyway.

In any case, the solution (or workaround if you still see this as a valid bug) for your situation is easy enough: override what you need in /etc/systemd/system/apache2.service.d/ as documented by systemd.