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(In reply to Max Burke from comment #2)
> I have not tried a later release in production, no, only because we have
> been soaking the change to see if it improved reliability.
> I am looking at the mod_ldap changes between our current version (2.4.16)
> and the latest (2.4.23) and see that the only changes are whitespace, either
> adding/remove spaces or adding newlines before braces, so I would expect
> that 2.4.23 is similarly affected.
> The LDAP_CACHE_LOCK construct is defined only to the util_ldap.c translation
> unit, it does not seem to be available, at present, to util_ldap_cache_mgr.c
> where the RMM blocks are allocated and freed.

It's not directly available, but that lock is meant to be held by anyone who would ultimately get into the code that does the allocations. That is usually (AFAICT) via util_ald_cache_insert().

What kind of Require ldap-* do you use? I noticed the debian OP didn't list that bit.