Comment 8 for bug 1678325

Very interesting,
thank you Toni for getting back with these Details.

Since on your system were no debugging symbols the stack traces so far don't tell me anything reasonable.

Some questions to sort this out:
- Is apache itself still working right now for you or is it down since?
- Does such a crash re-occur if you are running restart&status
   $ systemctl restart apache2
   $ systemctl status apache2
- Furthermore if anything comes to your mind on your setup that could trigger this let us know.

Also following [1] you could install debug symbols.
In your case all you need after making them available should be installed via:
$ apt install apache2-dbgsym libapr1-dbg apache2-bin-dbgsym apache2-utils-dbgsym

With that in place you can re-report the improved symbols to this bug via "apport-collect" I'd think. You can also check with apport-retrace locally if you think all symbols are available.

Since I had no way to reproduce it I also have checked [2] but have seen no similar issues so far.