Comment 6 for bug 1678325

sorry I did not fully understand "The error apears when not using apache2. Is not a fresh install of apache2"

"not used" => installed from repositories but not "used" apache2 so it still is in the default conf?

"not a fresh install of apache2" => did you upgrade from somewhere, this seems to be a fresh 17.04 install what was there before?

Did you mean you have other apaches installed or an older version e.g. build manually?
In those cases I'v seen such crashes e.g. due to libraries referring to things that are no more there after switching from manual to archive provided versions by stale files from the manual install.

For now this does not hold enough information to debug, please try to outline your setup and clarify the questions I have asked - then please set the bug back to new. Until then there is not much more I can do.