Comment 8 for bug 1658469

18:13 <rbasak> nacc: not sure about bug 1658469
18:13 <ubottu> bug 1658469 in apache2 (Ubuntu) "mod_http2 is not available under Apache 2.4.23 / Ubuntu 17.04 xenial" [Low,Fix committed]
18:13 <rbasak> nacc: to my knowledge we've never added and then removed things to avoid putting things in an LTS.
18:13 <teward> rbasak: refer to -hardened and my mention about nghttp2
18:13 <rbasak> Yeah I saw that, but nacc wasn't in that channel.
18:14 <teward> yep.
18:14 <teward> nacc: IIRC, the Security team had NACK'd http2 back in Xenial
18:14 <teward> at least nghttp2
18:14 <rbasak> nacc: if it's not good enough for an LTS, it's not good enough for a non-LTS release.
18:14 <teward> (NGINX rolls their own implementation separate from nghttp2)
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