Comment 7 for bug 1284641

Ben Reser (ben-chgtaa3qpp07) wrote :

It is related to the httpd issue #55397 linked above. But it's not caused by r1531505 change but rather the r1529559 change (r1531505 only touches mod_dav_fs which has nothing to do with SVN).

I've opened an issue specifically on this:

My example case is slightly different than Stephane but it's all related.

For future reference, you're better off sending an email to the subversion lists rather than opening issues (svn prefers users not use our issue tracker to report issues and httpd's issue tracker is so busy we'll probably miss the issue) or leaving comments on old bugs (again for similar reasons).

I'm working to resolve this. In the meantime there's really no workaround or fix available