Comment 5 for bug 347601

Charlie_Smotherman (cjsmo) wrote :

No, I am afraid you have misinterpreted what I have said. Ampache-themes has nothing to do with the gnome-desktop package. Ampache-Themes are not available at for download and they have never been available for download at The only place that you can download ampache-themes is from the ubuntu/debian repos and

This bug should actually be placed against the gnome-desktop package as the themes that are available on are for the gnome-desktop package and not ampache-themes. So please open a bug against the gnome-desktop package at and place the above information in the new bug as this information would be useful to the gnome-desktop team. The above information does not pertain to the ampache-themes package, and as such is an invalid bug.

For further information on "how to find the right package" to report bugs against, please have a look at the following links:

Once again I would suggest that you read as much documentation as you can, make use of IRC, mailing lists, and the Ubuntu Forums as there is a wealth of information available on these resources for the new user.

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