Comment 9 for bug 746023

David Henningsson (diwic) wrote :

A new update was posted to me through email a few hours ago.

> This seems relatively safe from regressions: the only thing that is now called for all cards is snd_use_case_mgr_open. It would be
> preferable if this was proactively selected, e g through a udev rule or through a module parameter passed on through module-
> udev-detect to the alsa card module.

This has not changed in the version posted, comment remains.

> - It would be great if all the new ucm functionality was in a separate pair of .c and .h files. That would make it easier for us to pick
> up patches to the alsa-card.c file from upstream. I also believe upstream would appreciate that separation.

This has improved.

> - pa_log is used extensively, should be pa_log_debug, pa_log_info to avoid annoying syslog messages.

This is ok now although it seems like every pa_log has just changed to pa_log_info.

> For the jack detection code, that's currently not finished. The current code doesn't add anything of value to the end user,

It is unclear to me whether the new version adds value or not. Some things might have improved, but there is still no card matching, and there will still be calls to ucm functions even for non ucm cards.

> that part is more invasive to current code and so if we decide to merge it I strongly recommend to keep it disabled by default and
> make a module parameter to module-udev-detect to enable jack detection explicitly.

This has not been considered, recommend not to take the jack detection part for now.

In addition, the new version has three new patches about "namereg_fail", without any explanation as of what they would solve.


UCM profile patches (OK):


Namereg patches (Not OK - No reason given why this is needed or what it would improve):


Jack detection patches (Not OK - still not finished and too invasive at this part of the cycle):


Might be needed for compilation on our current version of PulseAudio (OK if needed):