Comment 41 for bug 746023

Oliver Grawert (ogra) wrote :

if you install todays image without the above fixes, your system will store the non working state on first shutdown.
the problem here is the order of things, udev fires first, then upstart calls the upstart job to restore the state from the existing state file ...
so if you ever booted a system with the original setup, you will have a broken state file that restores the broken state *after* ucm has set the defaults from the udev rule.

using the udev rule alone by default instead of the state file would mean that you dont store the state at all and always force the user into using the HiFi and Record profiles after a reboot, no matter if he selected something different.

what we need is to call alsaucm with the default use cases (HiFi and Record) and then create a new state file with these settings, that might work even without removing the old state file if the postinst calls alsactl store after the settings of alsaucm were applied...