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Bug #1930476: my internal Bluetooth device is off and i can turn it ON but the settings still show it to be OFF Undecided New 56 weeks

From: Mehdi mansouri
Link: Screenshot from 2021-06-02 03-09-38.png

Bluetooth is active in setting but its off in menu

Bug #1926165: Bass speakers not enabled on Lenovo Yoga 9i Undecided Confirmed 57 weeks

From: Hui Wang
Link: 0001-test-c930-and-c940-dual-speaker.patch


Bug #893210: [Dell OptiPlex GX620 - AD1981b, playback] No sound at all Undecided Incomplete 354 weeks

From: Raymond
Link: dell_gx620.patch


Bug #1252733: [XPS 12-9Q33, Realtek ALC668, Black Headphone Out, Left] Background noise or low volume Undecided Incomplete 424 weeks

From: Gabriele
Link: 0001-ALSA-hda-Disable-AA-loopback-on-ALC668.patch


Bug #1294830: [HP Compaq dc7600 Small Form Factor, Realtek ALC260, Green Line Out, Rear] Underruns, dropouts or crackling sound. Undecided Incomplete 432 weeks

From: Raymond
Link: alc260_no_trigger_sense.patch


Bug #874535: Volume Slider Jumps, due to rapidly changing hardware jack sense state Low Triaged 435 weeks

From: Raymond
Link: alc892_no_trigger_sense.patch

alc892_no_trigger_sense since alc892 does not support ImpSense

Bug #1155202: [Intel DZ77SL-50K, Intel PantherPoint HDMI, Digital Out, HDMI] No sound at all Undecided Incomplete 440 weeks

From: Niraj
Link: patch


Bug #667918: [Aspire 7730G] Audio doesn't work with notepad's speakers, but only with headphones Undecided Fix Committed 609 weeks

From: Daniel T Chen
Link: 0001-ALSA-hda-Explicitly-specify-bios-autoprobing-for-an-.patch


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