Comment 5 for bug 525149

I have a VPCS111FM as well.

I can confirm that kernel 2.6.33-rc8 or newest alsa-drivers fix the issue (I'm testing out Lucid A2 after having a working Gentoo install, so I spent time debugging this).

Also, there's a project here, which has some related stuff.

Here's a patch against to enable the audio output:

Here's a patch to enable the microphone:

However, the microphone patch is "suboptimal". Please see the bug reporter's discussion with an alsa dev here:

... basically, right now, it's either microphone or line-in, until the alsa devs do a real fix/hack to switch the input. For me, microphone only is a better happy default.

If we can get this fixed, I think I might stay with Ubuntu. :-)