Comment 14 for bug 525149

I'd like to also point out that the VPCS111FM is a Best Buy "Blue Label" laptop. Not that this matters much, but Ubuntu is going to see a lot more of this chipset for that reason, and it seems to be a popular one in general.

The Lucid beta1 has fixed a lot of my issues with the alpha series (running anything earlier was a complete non-starter on this hardware). I'm still new to Ubuntu, and I've been trying to make the switch for a while. This time seems *really* close, so I hope to have this fixed soon.

What is the possibility of a backport of the drivers from 2.6.33, or the newest ALSA, and if that happens, can we include the microphone patch as well? As I referenced in my earlier post, an ALSA dev was made aware of the peculiarities of this chipset, and had some thoughts. I'd appreciate if Ubuntu devs would read on this issues, and let us all know of the possibility of seeing audio-out and audio-on for Lucid.

As always, happy to test.