Comment 124 for bug 337314

P. Dunbar (vigilcode) wrote :

Someone had asked if there was a difference between the alsa-driver 1.0.19 patch and using the 1.0.18 alsa-base that's in the repositories with the mbp3 set as model in /etc/modprobe.d/?
I'm not sure if sound quality or anything improved. Was it supposed to?

Also I've had my sound muted for the past 2 weeks or so and now when I unmute it I still have zero sound. I was going to re-follow the wiki to patch alsa 1.0.19 and see if just re doing it got sound working again but does anyone see any benefit in just trying the already patched 1.0.20?

Alper KANAT wrote on 2009-05-17: (permalink)

I've applied it to 1.0.20 tree btw.. It works fine on Arch Linux with a few exceptions I've mentioned 2 comments earlier..

So if I can/should try 1.0.20 where is the already patched download for it?

Also if this new version is in Karmic will it make its way to Jaunty backports? I wonder if my sound broke because of some repo update while I had the patched version of alsa.