Comment 116 for bug 337314

Alper KANAT (tunix-raptiye) wrote :

Hey There,

I'm using Arch Linux but following this thread for any upcoming patches/solutions.

$ sudo dmidecode -s system-product-name

My microphone works fine. I'm currently developing a software that uses Flash to communicate and I can use my internal mic with it without any problems.

I have some low noise when I plugin earphones. But as others have said, it's masked when I higher the music volume.

I currently have the following problems:

* Mixer controls acts strange. GNOME lowers/raises the Master and PCM levels despite I selected only one.

* When I plugin my earphones, I've to lower the volume to something around 10-15% because the volume is too high.

I only use ALSA.. I don't have OSS or PulseAudio..