Comment 6 for bug 1563112

David Chatterton (dmchatterton) wrote :

Having upgraded the Raspberry Pi (2 & 3) to Ubuntu MATE 16.04 Beta 2, the bug is still present and can be demonstrated adequately by attempting the built-in Speaker Test.

Interestingly, the Raspberry Pi s are capable of attempting to run the Software Defined Radio app Gqrx. This app has instability issues of its own, reported elsewhere. However, when it does run (for up to 2 minutes before crashing), it is capable of outputting decent quality stereo sound via the speakers although the sound sequence always seems to begin with a broken sound stream. Whether the handshake between the app and ALSA or its breakdown is the cause of the app crashing is another matter but since the app is capable of receiving good quality broadcast stereo sound via the VHF band, this sound is capable of being reproduced at high quality via ALSA and the HDMI interface to the monitor (with speakers) whilst the app is running.

As soon as I can upgrade to Ubuntu MATE 16.04, I shall report back with further observations.