tab completion no longer escapes filenames and completes dirnames incorrectly (space instead of slash)

Bug #769866 reported by Matt Behrens on 2011-04-24
This bug affects 89 people
Affects Status Importance Assigned to Milestone
acroread (Ubuntu)

Bug Description

Binary package hint: bash

In maverick, lucid, and other even way older releases, I could use tab completion on a filename with characters with special meaning to the shell (e.g. spaces):

matt@lemmankinan:/tmp/complete-test$ ls
File with spaces.txt
matt@lemmankinan:/tmp/complete-test$ mv File\ with\ spaces.txt ..
(on second line, type "mv F<tab> .."

However, in natty, this is broken for many (though strangely not all) commands:

matt@sampo:/tmp/complete-test$ ls
File with spaces.txt
matt@sampo:/tmp/complete-test$ mv File with spaces.txt ..
mv: cannot stat `File': No such file or directory
mv: cannot stat `with': No such file or directory
mv: cannot stat `spaces.txt': No such file or directory
(again, typing "mv F<tab> .."

If I start with a quote, e.g. "mv 'F<tab> .." that will work.

There's also an additional problem with directory names. If I e.g. mkdir -p abc/def/ghi and try to move the above file, if I tab-complete the "abc" directory, it will end with a space instead of a slash, so I cannot complete further directories. Again, this works just fine in older releases.

ProblemType: Bug
DistroRelease: Ubuntu 11.04
Package: bash 4.2-0ubuntu3
ProcVersionSignature: Ubuntu 2.6.38-8.42-generic
Uname: Linux 2.6.38-8-generic i686
Architecture: i386
Date: Sun Apr 24 08:43:09 2011
EcryptfsInUse: Yes
InstallationMedia: Ubuntu 11.04 "Natty Narwhal" - Beta i386 (20110413)
 PATH=(custom, user)
SourcePackage: bash
UpgradeStatus: No upgrade log present (probably fresh install)

EDIT: A solution is in comment 10.

Matt Behrens (zigg) wrote :
Matt Behrens (zigg) wrote :

Confirming based on comment 2 in bug 742041.

Changed in bash (Ubuntu):
status: New → Confirmed
tags: added: regression-release
Tim Frost (timfrost) wrote :

Tab completion for directory name completion (appending a trailing '/'), and of handling embedded spaces in a file/directory name (by escaping the space as '\ ') appears to be fixed, (at least for the 'gedit', 'ls', 'cd' and 'mv' commands), with

tim@zaphod:~/Documents$ apt-cache policy bash bash-completion
  Installed: 4.2-0ubuntu3
  Candidate: 4.2-0ubuntu3
  Version table:
 *** 4.2-0ubuntu3 0
        500 natty/main amd64 Packages
        100 /var/lib/dpkg/status
  Installed: 1:1.3-1ubuntu3
  Candidate: 1:1.3-1ubuntu3
  Version table:
 *** 1:1.3-1ubuntu3 0
        500 natty/main amd64 Packages
        100 /var/lib/dpkg/status

Matt Behrens (zigg) wrote :

It's working for me now too, but neither bash nor bash-completion were updated, and /etc/bash_completion.d is mostly full of files from April 4 (I installed from beta2 media). What happened?

I hesitate to mark fixed without understanding how.

Jörn Reder (joern-reder) wrote :

I am encountering still the same problems. Just updated to 11.04 today. Versions of bash-completion are the same as mentioned above.

But I can add a few comments: for root everything seem to work fine, e.g.

  less /var <TAB> log <TAB> mess<TAB>

works as expected. But as a normal user I get a space after the directory instead.

Interestingly just for known commands like "less" or "ls".

The following works as expected, even as a normal user:

  foobar /var <TAB> log <TAB> mess<TAB>

11.04 ships /etc/bash_completion version 1.3, 10.10 had version 1.1. I diff'd the files, and I think there are some parts which could be responsible for this (probably when handling different bash versions) but I don't know anything about the bash completation internals, so I can't add more senseful comments to that issue ;)

Hopefully this helps nevertheless thow...

PeterW (peter-waltman) wrote :

I'm seeing similar behavior, but the behavior depends on the command being used, i.e. if I use 'cd' the trailing slashes are appended to a directory name as they were in 10.10, but if I use 'ls' or 'less', they aren't.

I have 2 boxes with 11.04 installed, one is x86 and the other x86_64, both have the same behavior.

I don't see a change with the super-user account, but I don't have the super-user account enabled. Instead, I've been getting to a root shell with the 'sudo -s' command.

Last, I have the same policy set up as reported previously, i.e.

waltman@waltman-laptop:~$ apt-cache policy bash bash-completion
  Installed: 4.2-0ubuntu3
  Candidate: 4.2-0ubuntu3
  Version table:
 *** 4.2-0ubuntu3 0
        500 natty/main i386 Packages
        100 /var/lib/dpkg/status
  Installed: 1:1.3-1ubuntu3
  Candidate: 1:1.3-1ubuntu3
  Version table:
 *** 1:1.3-1ubuntu3 0
        500 natty/main i386 Packages
        100 /var/lib/dpkg/status

jrtokarz (jrtokarz1) wrote :

After some searching, this problem appears to be caused by a conflict with 'acroread'. In '' there is a function '_filedir()' which seems to override the default '_filedir()'.

Try uninstalling acroread and reinstalling from the repos. The version of Adobe Reader in the repo appears to be ok (there is an 'if' statement guarding the definition of the '_filedir()' function.

jrtokarz (jrtokarz1) wrote :

PS. '' is a symlink, /etc/bash-completion.d/ -> /opt/Adobe/Reader9/Resource/Shell/acroread_tab

Matt Behrens (zigg) wrote :

@jrtokarz: I originally installed Adobe Reader from the partner repository... is there another package I'm missing?

Silas S. Brown (ssb22) wrote :

I believe there is a bug on line 1587 of /etc/bash_completion, the "-o default" on that line should be changed to "-o filenames".

I haven't checked if 10.10 had "-o default". If it did, then I expect the changed behaviour was due to a change in the readline library. "-o default" means "tell readline to do what it thinks is default", and that may have worked in 10.10 but not in 11.04, due to a readline library change. So I think it's better to say "-o filenames" which tells readline what we want.

The reason why it works OK for root but not for the normal user is, the /etc/bash-completion script is called by $HOME/.bashrc, and this call is present in the user's .bashrc but commented out in root's .bashrc (at least on the system that I recently upgraded from 10.10 to 11.04).

I'm getting bash completion problems and I never had acroread installed on this system, so it can't be acroread in my case.

With "-o default", if I type: less /t <tab>
it expands to: less /tmp (space)
instead of less /tmp/
(but "cd /t <tab>" is OK)

"complete" is documented in "man bash" under the heading SHELL BUILTIN COMMANDS. For "-o default", it says "Use readline's default filename completion if the compspec generates no matches." For "-o filenames", it says "Tell readline that the compspec generates filenames, so it can perform any filename-specific processing (like adding a slash to directory names, quoting special characters, or suppressing trailing spaces)."

I tried changing the "-o default" to "-o filenames" and everything worked as expected.

I have not experienced a problem with "cd", only with "less" etc.

en23 (en3ster) wrote :

Thanks Silas (#10),
that fixed it for me too!

Norbert (nrbrtx) wrote :

Silas's solution solved problem for me. Also it solves the other duplicated bugs (746380, 775386, 774430, 778681).

Developers, please change 1587 line of /etc/bash_completion and pack it to the bash-completion package. It is a great bug. It seems that many/all users of 11.04 are affected by this bug.

Jörn Reder (joern-reder) wrote :

As well Silas' solutation works for me. Thanks.

Matt Behrens (zigg) wrote :

lucid did, in fact, use "-o filenames" for its version of that for loop (line 1529).

affects: bash (Ubuntu) → bash-completion (Ubuntu)
Norbert (nrbrtx) wrote :

#14 this bug is about 11.04, see Bug Description.

10.04 Lucid uses "-o filenames" (/etc/bash_completion:1529). It is OK.
10.10 Maverick uses "-o filenames" (/etc/bash_completion:1540). It is OK.
11.04 Natty uses "-o default" (/etc/bash_completion:1587). It is not OK. It is a bug, great bug!

Norbert (nrbrtx) on 2011-05-09
tags: added: amd64
Matt Behrens (zigg) wrote :

@Norbert: I know, I am the original bug reporter after all ;-)

I do not know if the amd64 tag is appropriate, though. This is not an amd64-specific bug; I'm seeing it on my Atom netbook.

Norbert (nrbrtx) wrote :

@Matt. I saw it after posting a comment. OK:)

According to the bash_completion package does not depend on CPU architecture. May be all two tags (amd64 and i386) are not needed.

tags: removed: amd64 i386
description: updated

I have both an Ubuntu Natty and a Debian Squeese boxes here. Under Debian that config it a bit different. It used default for some commands, and filenames for others.

for i in a2ps autoconf automake bc gprof ld nm objcopy objdump readelf strip \
    bison colordiff diff patch enscript cp df dir du ln ls mkfifo mknod mv rm \
    touch vdir awk gperf grep grub indent less m4 sed shar date \
    tee who texindex cat csplit cut expand fmt fold head \
    md5sum nl od paste pr ptx sha1sum sort split tac tail tr unexpand \
    uniq wc ldd bash id irb mkdir rmdir wget curl; do
    have $i && complete -F _longopt -o filenames $i

# These commands do not use filenames, so '-o filenames' is not needed.
for i in env netstat seq uname units; do
    have $i && complete -F _longopt -o default $i
unset i

Ubuntu Natty:
for i in a2ps awk bash bc bison cat colordiff cp csplit \
    curl cut date df diff dir du enscript env expand fmt fold gperf gprof \
    grep grub head indent irb ld ldd less ln ls m4 md5sum mkdir mkfifo mknod \
    mv netstat nl nm objcopy objdump od paste patch pr ptx readelf rm rmdir \
    sed seq sha{,1,224,256,384,512}sum shar sort split strip tac tail tee \
    texindex touch tr uname unexpand uniq units vdir wc wget who; do
    have $i && complete -F _longopt -o default $i
unset i

It looks to me as if the Debian config does different things depending on which command is run, while in Ubutu someone tried to merge the two command blocks but got the settings wrong.

Lukas Märdian (slyon) wrote :

Thanks Silas (#10),
that fixed it for me too!

fidy (fidy-watcher) wrote :

I think the problem is caused by the /etc/bash_completion.d/ script, I removed this file and the problem just gone. I did not change the -o option.

up-whatever (up-whatever) wrote :

i can confirm (#20):
deleted /etc/bash_completion.d/ and the problem disappeared without modifying any othe files.

Vayn (dreamx007) wrote :

I deleted /etc/bash_completion.d/ and it didn't work for me. Then I tried the solution of Silas (#10), the probleme is fixed.

DavidM (david-maciejak) wrote :

same as Vayn, thx Silas

Norbert (nrbrtx) wrote :

I reinstalled bash-completion package (without Silas #10 patch).
After update to Natty Canonical partner package source was disabled. Today I enabled this repository under Synaptic and installed 'acroread' 9.4.2 package.
Now problem is solved.

And my question is: do you updated acroread package on Natty or have installed it?

aero142 (martinkl11) wrote :

+1 for deleting

summary: - tab completion no longer escapes filenames
+ tab completion no longer escapes filenames and completes dirnames
+ incorrectly (space instead of slash)
Wolf G. Eggers (ge-mm) wrote :

Fix in #10 worked for me. Thanks Silas!

PeterW (peter-waltman) wrote :

+1 for silas' "-o filename" fix (#10). I did not change the file to fix the behavior.

PeterW (peter-waltman) wrote :

spoke too soon about the "-o filename" fix... sigh.

In my case, it definitely fixes the tab completion issue, but when you start a new gnome-terminal instance, this will cause about 50-60 error messages to pop up on the start that are all the same: "-bash: complete: filename: invalid option name"

For example:
Welcome to Ubuntu 11.04 (GNU/Linux 2.6.38-8-generic x86_64)

 * Documentation:

Last login: Mon Jun 6 15:57:02 2011 from <redacted>
-bash: complete: filename: invalid option name
-bash: complete: filename: invalid option name
-bash: complete: filename: invalid option name
-bash: complete: filename: invalid option name
-bash: complete: filename: invalid option name
-bash: complete: filename: invalid option name
..... same msg another 40 times....
-bash: complete: filename: invalid option name

Norbert (nrbrtx) wrote :

-o filenames is not equal to -o filename :)

fixed it too with : -o filenames , thx #10

rahool (rahool) wrote :

Fix in #10 worked for me. Thanks Silas!

Tanmoy (tanmoylaskar) wrote :

+1 for Silas' fix. Oh, so good! Thanks very much. This was driving me, er, nutty.

oCean (alex.harkema) wrote :

fixed it too with using -o filenames , (#10)

oCean (alex.harkema) wrote :

^no, wait.
After changing it to -o filenames, still the completion failed for several programs
e.g. running dpkg -S /us[tab] results in /usr (then space)
Removing /etc/bash_completion.d/ fixed it.

Jörn Reder (joern-reder) wrote :

+1 for #34

Adding -o filenames worked for some commands (e.g. cd, ls), but not others, e.g. mplayer (no space escaping).

After removing the script (from adobereader-deu 9.4.2-0maverick1) it worked for mplayer as well.

Axel Pospischil (apos) wrote :

On Natty, I can confirm oCean/#34 and Jörn/#35.

confirmed #34, can someone mark this as affecting adobereader-deu and adobereader-enu?

ToniBoni88 (toniboni88) wrote :

I've have ubuntu 11.04, I tried to do as you suggested but it still works.

Bird (sbird) wrote :

I did silas recommended and commented out the following on around line 100 of my .bashrc file and it's working fine now:

#if [ -f /etc/bash_completion ] && ! shopt -oq posix; then
# . /etc/bash_completion


Mikhail Titov (mtitov) wrote :

I also confirm #34 on 11.04

Adrianna Pińska (confluence) wrote :

I am experiencing a similar problem with Mercurial in Natty -- spaces in filenames are not escaped when I tab-complete Mercurial commands (like hg add ...). A very old version of Mercurial on Lucid had the escaping problem; when I installed a new PPA version the problem was fixed. Now I have a fresh Natty install and a PPA version of Mercurial (1.9.1) and the problem is back.

It's not; I definitely don't have Acrobat Reader installed and I don't have this file in /etc/bash_completion.d.

I tried changing -o default to -o filenames in /etc/bash_completion, and there was no change.

However, when I turn off sourcing /etc/bash_completion in my .bashrc, the Mercurial completion works as expected. So there is definitely something in this file which is messing things up -- but it doesn't appear to be the default/filenames change.

I haven't experienced completion problems with any other command.

Adrianna Pińska (confluence) wrote :

Re: #41 -- I see now that when I stop sourcing /etc/bash_completion, mercurial completion doesn't work "as expected"; it just falls back to a sane default which isn't app-specific. As far as I understand, not sourcing that file turns off all application-specific completion completely, so this isn't an acceptable fix.

Adrianna Pińska (confluence) wrote :

Also regarding #41: I found a record of the exact Mercurial version I had installed in Lucid before upgrading to Natty -- it was 1.9.0 from the releases PPA. I tried that version in Natty before trying 1.9.1 from the snapshots PPA, and neither of them works. 1.9.0 definitely worked in Lucid (and in Maverick on a different computer). So it doesn't look like this is a problem with Mercurial's completion file.

Guillaume Millet (guimillet) wrote :

I can confirm #7, from the repository (9.4.2-0natty1, Ubuntu Natty 64) works. I didn't change /etc/bash_completion. All application-specific completions works.
To #22 and #23, did you login in a new bash shell after removing to test completion?

Marc Gariépy (mgariepy) wrote :

The bug is cause by acroread.

the function _filedir() in /etc/bash_completion.d/ make the issue.

When commenting the function, the problem disappear.

affects: bash-completion (Ubuntu) → acroread (Ubuntu)
ToniBoni88 (toniboni88) wrote :

I do not have /etc/bash_completion.d/ but the bash_completion do not works on my Ubuntu 11.04.

Ed McDonagh (ed-mcdonagh) wrote :

+1 for removing /etc/bash_completion.d/ fixing this issue.

Importance currently undecided... does that suggest not many people are using the command line on the desktop versions? (None of my server boxes have been upgraded to Natty, but I assume the lack of acroread would mean that the problem doesn't occur?)

This bug really bugs me! So please fix it!

@ed-mcdonagh: I would really recommend you to switch to zsh - it is that much better and the tab completion will blow you away!

Patrick Wendell (pwendell) wrote :

I removed /etc/bash_completion.d/ (and restarted bash) and it's working now. Thanks!

Cyrille (cyrille-bartholomee) wrote :

Removed /etc/bash_completion.d/ solved the problem for me.

Roland Meier (rm369) wrote :

#10 fixed it for me too

Thanks a lot! #10 saved my sanity...

It was making me crazy!

David Young (dove-young) wrote :

I have the same problem in 11.10. #10 fixes it. Great!

Phil M (unmobile+ubuntu) wrote :

Here's a patch to move Adobe Reader's _filedir() function to a different name, so that it doesn't interfere with the one provided in /etc/bash_completion.

The attachment "acroread_tab.patch" of this bug report has been identified as being a patch. The ubuntu-reviewers team has been subscribed to the bug report so that they can review the patch. In the event that this is in fact not a patch you can resolve this situation by removing the tag 'patch' from the bug report and editing the attachment so that it is not flagged as a patch. Additionally, if you are member of the ubuntu-reviewers team please also unsubscribe the team from this bug report.

[This is an automated message performed by a Launchpad user owned by Brian Murray. Please contact him regarding any issues with the action taken in this bug report.]

tags: added: patch
AlexGenaud (alexgenaud) wrote :

$ . /etc/bash_completion
bash: complete: filenames: invalid option name

Erik Kratzenberg (erikkratz) wrote :

I don't believe this is specific to acroread. I do not have that package installed at all and am experiencing the issue. Fix in #10 works for me. So, unless there is another package also providing the same conflicting _filedir() (which I was not able to find by grepping /etc/bash_completion.d/*) then the bug is specific to bash-completion. Running Oneiric, FWIW.

no longer affects: bash-completion (Ubuntu)
Victsm (victor-nju) wrote :

My situation is a little bit different, and I believe some others share my situation.
By applying the fix in #10, it only solves the problem for some commands, i.e. those listed in that for loop.
However, for commands such as mplayer and dpkg, it still does not work.
Also, I do not have file under /etc/bash_completion.d/
So, I cannot delete this file as others do.
I tried to move away all the files under /etc/bash_completion.d/, and the problem still remains for some commands such as xfig.
This means, if there is a problem, it has to be within /etc/bash_completion
I noticed that on my laptop, both gzip and mplayer have an autocompletion configuration file under /etc/bash_completion.d/,
and autocompletion works fine for gzip but not for mplayer.
A comparison between the configurations files reveal that:
in line 43 of gzip's configurationfile, function _compopt_o_filenames is called before autocompletion at line 44,
but for mplayer's configuration file, in the last case starting at line 253, function _filedir is invoked without calling function _compopt_o_filenames.
By adding an invocation to the function _compopt_o_filenames before line 254 in mplayer's configuration file, it makes mplayer work as expected.

This gives the idea of how to solve the problem with /etc/bash_completion
In /etc/bash_completion, line 72-126 defines the application specific autocompletion for many commands,
and they are also without calling function _compopt_o_filenames first.
However, function _compopt_o_filenames is defined in line 618, thus it cannot be called at line 72.
My fix is to paste the implementation of this function in line 623-624 before line 72.
However, there is still another problem.
The complete commands defined in line 72-126 (now 74-128) are only for filename completion.
So, the option "-o plusdirs" needs to be added to each complete command to also include the result of directory name completion.
e.g. "complete -f -X '!*.fig' xfig" -> "complete -f -o plusdirs -X '!*.fig' xfig"
After this, all the commands listed in line 74-128 work properly.

As a conclusion, this should be a bug in /etc/bash_completion and those configuration files under /etc/bash_completion.d/
My solution only fix those commands listed in /etc/bash_completion.
For commands that have a separate configuration file under /etc/bash_completion.d/, the fix should be applied to the configuration file individually.

Fauchelevent (fauchelevent) wrote :

Kubuntu 12.04: I had the same completion problem with commands cp and mv (not ls) after installing Adobe Reader.
#54 patch worked.
Thanks a lot!

Markus Ralser (ralser) wrote :

As with ubuntu 12.04LTS, applying the latest updates on 04/06/12- the bug returns!

Silas Solution
'I believe there is a bug on line 1587 of /etc/bash_completion, the "-o default" on that line should be changed to "-o filenames".' saves the problem again,

Iniyan (rsdravid) wrote :

Experienced this problem with Ubuntu 12.04 LTS. Installed acrobat reader about a week ago and for the last few days, have been experiencing the same problem with cp and mv commands; not sure whether it was because of the acorbat reader or the updates though.

#10 fixed it for me too! Thanks.

Edwin Juan (ejuan) wrote :

Same as #60, #61.

I was experiencing this problem with Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, with all (non proposed) updates applied. I have Acrobat Reader installed but didn't think it could be related to.

Before the 12.04 fresh install i had Maverick until it got unsupported so i don't know if it's new to this release.

#10 apparently fixes it.

jon robinson (jonwrobinson) wrote :

Just had to install acroread the other day (11.10; 64-bit). Suddenly noticed I lost normal tab completion for things like ls, cp, and mv. The patch described in #54 seems to have solved the problem. Thanks!

I discovered the problem on Desktop 12.04 64 bit the other day. I installed acrobat reader a while ago but I am quite sure the problem did not occured due to this. #10 fixed it for me.

chandana ma (chandana-v) wrote :

Thank you guys, post #10 helped me. I was using Ubuntu 11.04 (natty) 64bit version.

Luis Díaz (piponazo) wrote :

I started to suffer the same problem with command cp in Kubuntu 12.04.1 after some upgrade (I couldn't say what package is the responsible). #10 solves my problem :)

SamuelB. (bw-sammy) wrote :

+1 for deleting

Brian Sorahan (bsorahan) wrote :

This thread saved my life

Andy Meier (andy-meier) wrote :

The bash tab expansion bug caused by Adobe Reader also affects Ubuntu 12.10. Comment #54 fixed the problem for me (rename acroread's _filedir() function to _acroread_filedir() in /opt/Adobe/Reader9/Resource/Shell/acroread_tab).

Rick Measham (rickmeasham) wrote :

Additional problem with all these auto complete smarts is aliases. I have `alias ll='ls -al`, but the auto complete doesn't understand aliases so I get the random extra space after the <tab> because it didn't realise it was an 'ls'. Maybe auto-complete needs to expand aliases before applying the autocomplete?

Hi, a new acroread release (0.9.4) is available for update, could you give it a try and tell us if the problem persists?
If you still have this bug please set back the status to "new"

Changed in acroread (Ubuntu):
status: Confirmed → Incomplete
Norbert (nrbrtx) wrote :

On Precise I have both acroread-common and acroread at 9.5.4-1precise1 version. They are not affected by this bug.

Launchpad Janitor (janitor) wrote :

[Expired for acroread (Ubuntu) because there has been no activity for 60 days.]

Changed in acroread (Ubuntu):
status: Incomplete → Expired
Florent Mertens (givre) wrote :

Bug still present!

Changed in acroread (Ubuntu):
status: Expired → Confirmed
itamblyn (isaac-tamblyn) wrote :

This is still present in 13.04. Problem does not occur when logged in as root. My .bashrc does not source /etc/bash_completion, but the problem persists. The fix from #10 doesn't make sense now since the file /etc/bash_completion has been changed by the developers since then. Acroread was never installed on this system and is not present.

please, just delete the /etc/bash-completion.d/ symlink: others may have other problems but this file is just broken and break the system tab completion for no gain whatsoever. What are you waiting for yet since 2011?

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