Comment 3 for bug 612741

Tom Browder (tbrowder) wrote :

I have flashed my BIOS with the latest version. and upgraded to the new kernel (2.6.32-24.39).

I reset all boot parameters and /etc/pm/sleep.d to default (as installed).

After an uptime of over 39 hrs, system went into hibernation again.

I can find nothing untoward in the logs (except there was an automatic
system update about 2230 last night, system went to hibernation at
0018 this morning, about 1.7 hrs after the update), temps were normal.

I have made the following BIOS changes, rebooted, and started the
uptime watch again:

      ACPI Suspend Type: from S3(STR) to S1(POS)
      HPET Support : from enabled (32-bit) to disabled

I can find lots of info about trouble shooting failure to suspend or
hibernate, but not much about uncommanded hibernation (or hibernation
command from unknown sources).

BTW, my mobo is: is Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3L, Rev. 2

I have run a complete memtest86+ on my 8 Gb RAM with no errors.