Comment 24 for bug 202174

Ryan Pavlik (abiryan) wrote :

Based on the existing 2.4.6 Ubuntu packages (somewhat) and my first-hand knowledge of AbiWord development, I have produced new Ubuntu packages of AbiWord 2.6.0 and now 2.6.2 which fixes some basic issues in the 2.6.0 release and reduces dependencies. I've uploaded them to my PPA - (These packages also fix the numerous packaging bugs referring to missing plugins by default by folding in all plugins that don't increase dependencies, and I have eliminated the abiword-gtk and abiword-gnome difference, with just a single abiword package encompassing binaries and the old abiword-common, since in 2.6 there is no gnome-specific core features aside from gnomevfs. Due to GVFS FUSE fallback in Hardy, I have left gnomevfs disabled in these AbiWord builds for a better user experience.)

Please let me know how I can get them approved for upload to the main Ubuntu archives.