Comment 7 for bug 573981

The problem did not recur on a fresh install I just did with dual boot
Windows XP and USBMOUNT did not come up installed. I do not know why
USBMOUNT did not come up on this fresh install and why it has come up on
others. I have also noticed it does has not come up on the 9.10 installs I
have looked at.

On Sat, May 22, 2010 at 12:08 PM, Thomas Ford <email address hidden>wrote:

> Had the same problem with a fresh install of 10.04. Removing USBMOUNT
> did not resolve for me. Disk Utility allowed mounting but only for read
> only.. This problem even affected the optical drives. Have reinstalled
> 9.10 for now pending a resolution.
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> Ubuntu 10.04 - VFAT usb drives mount with root access only
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> Bug description:
> On a fresh install of Ubuntu 10.04 Desktop 32 bit, not an upgrade, all USB
> VFAT drives I've tried mount with root access only which means I can not
> create or edit files or folders on these drives. The workaround I found was
> to use the Disk Utility to unmount and then mount the drives. This changed
> permissions on the drives to my login. However every time the system is
> rebooted the USB VFAT drives mount with root permissions only and the same
> procedure with Disk Utility has to be repeated for all the VFAT usb drives,
> same as before. The problem does not occur on the same drives, on the same
> system with ubuntu 9.10 Desktop 32 bit. The drives mount with permissions
> for me every time with Ubuntu 9.10 Desktop 32 bit.
> Examining fstab I noticed there is a line in it in Ubuntu 9.10 that is not
> present in Ubuntu 10.04 with respect to mounting usb drives. That line is:
> none /proc/bus/usb usbfs auto,devmode=0666 0 0
> Placed that line in fstab in the 10.04 load and found the system would not
> boot without bypassing that line. The choice was to skip processing that
> line or manually attempt to force it.
> Anyone installing a VFAT usb drive who encounters this symtom will not be
> able to copy files to the drive, nor edit existing files or folders at all
> without using the Disk Utility workaround I discovered.
> Have no idea what packages are involved in this. It's a problem mounting
> VFAT usb drives for sure. Haven't tried NTFS or EXT type usb file systems.
> Simply pulling out the drive connector and re-installing it does not fix
> the problem. Drive Utility must be used.
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