Comment 16 for bug 573981

jjinco33 (jedadiah-williams) wrote :

I did not have USBMOUNT installed, however I tried installing it, same issue, uninstalled same issue. Tried to chmod the device as suggested and received "Read-only file system" for every file on it. However, permissions on all files state Read and Write access. fsck -a returned :
fsck from util-linux-ng 2.17.2
dosfsck 3.0.7, 24 Dec 2009, FAT32, LFN
FATs differ but appear to be intact. Using first FAT.
  Contains a free cluster (197946). Assuming EOF.
/##MUSIC#/Pictures/Forms/Red Logo.JPG
  Bad file name.
  Auto-renaming it.
  Renamed to FSCK0000.000
Unable to create unique name

I can confirm it was working on another install of 10.04 until it was attached to this one. It seems it may be corrupted, I just attached to old machine and is mounted read only there as well now.