Comment 5 for bug 373551

Chris Lawcock (clawcock) wrote :

Depending on the system most default to none... So most likely you would not have noticed it (i.e. Intel graphic adapters). The difference between the setting is essentially "none" uses every graphics card as a straight frame buffer with no hardware acceleration. Normal and extra employ the restricted drivers from nVidia or ATI in which case they redraw the screen faster and can handle additional effects. Some of the effects with Extra are extremely nice and very helpful.. I enjoy 3D cube, transparencies and window preview. Unfortunately either a new bug or previous problem has crept back in with Jaunty where the restricted drivers are simply not telling vino that it needs to update part or the whole screen. I am glad this helps, I personally hope they get this issue resolved in short order. I like my effects on and I often VNC into my Ubuntu development box.