Comment 2 for bug 368091

Malte S. Stretz (mss) wrote :

Just some thoughts: Grails could be quite a beast to package because it ships all the external libraries (Groovy, Spring, ...). I think its only "certified"/supported by SpringSource for the versions it ships so this might be an issue if Ubuntu ships a modularized Grails and a slightly different version of a package breaks Grails, people complain at SpringSource's JIRA and in the end its a slightly different library version which causes the breakage. But not splitting Grails is out of question I think. This might be an issue or not, whoever goes and packages Grails has to think about it first.

The packages above work fine for me BTW (except that its annoying when testing that the Groovy version in Grails is not in sync with the system wide version, see above).