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BB (bbeatty) wrote :

I am a newbie at all of this. This is my first post. But I was having the same problem on my Vista computer. It has both a Drive E (a DVD/CD-RW drive) and a Drive F (DVD RW drive). I’d insert the Ubuntu 9.04 installation disc in Drive E and I would get the error message Windows no disk exception processing message, ditto if I put it in Drive F: By clicking on Continue a couple of times the screen with the three installation options comes up. Ok, on my XP machine with just a CD drive there was no problem. The installation screen with the three options came right up.

 I found this post on the web: It states:
“The event indicates that the server received an exception of STATUS_NO_MEDIA_IN_DEVICE (c0000013). The error occurs when the server tries to access a shared resource (for example, a CD-ROM or floppy disk) which has no media (that is, no disk) in the drive. To prevent these errors, insert a disk in the drive.”

I put a blank CD in my F drive, the Ubuntu CD in the E drive and no problem. The screen with the three installation options came up and no error message.