Comment 9 for bug 226503

rignes (rignes-pobox) wrote :

Actually, now that I've been poking at this, I realize that this really wasn't a bug. Though it seemed like it to me at first. Apparently the line where I was calling syndaemon to disable my touchpad while typing was bombing. Since it was at the top of the script it killed it and nothing else ran. As I've stated before, it worked fine when running rc.local start after the system was booted. The error was something to the effect that it couldn't find the display, which tells me it was running before x had a chance to get it's act together. I removed the syndaemon line and then the rest of the script ran fine.

I also used update-rc.d to remove all the symlinks and then put them back but I don't think that had any effect but I can't prove that one way or another.

So, I'd say this is an ID10T error on my part and not a bug at all.

Thanks for the help guys. I'll try to make sure I have a real bug next time I feel the urge to post one. ;)