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Bug #123275 reported by Przemek K. on 2007-06-30
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GanttProject is a free and easy to use Gantt chart based project scheduling and management tool. It's written in Java. Licence: mostly GPL. Libraries used are under Apache License.

I am currently working on it. The package I built works well on Hardy and Gutsy. It seems to be nice : lintian confirms there are no errors... However, although this software is published under GPL, some of the modules are using possibly non-free licence (Apple Licence ? ...)

Przemek K. (azrael) wrote :

AFAIR Apple Public Software License is a free license. But the project's website mentions only Apache License, not Apple License. Apache License is free too.

description: updated

OK. I commited my work on the related branch (all files + the deb package). I tested my package on hardy with Java 6 and on gutsy with Java 5 , and both are working well. I am not used with the specific Ubuntu packaging policies and I need some help to propose it as a new package as wished by the community. Moreover, I know my package needs extra tests...

Karoly Molnar (karoly-molnar) wrote :

Hi Christophe,

I'd like to help with the mime integration of ganttproject. How shall I send the changes necessary the mime to work?


Karoly Molnar (karoly-molnar) wrote :

When you launch ganttproject with parameter it does not start the attached patch fixes the issue

Karoly Molnar (karoly-molnar) wrote :

The .gan extension is not associated with ganttproject and the .gan documents don't have an icon associated with it. This patch fixes both issues.

Karoly Molnar (karoly-molnar) wrote :

Icons for the mime to work correctly

Karoly Molnar (karoly-molnar) wrote :

When you launch [ganttproject "my file.gan"] on the command line the bash variable $1 is "my file.gan" while the ganttproject script runs, but the java app tries to open "my" instead of "my files.gan".

Here's the relevant part of the log:
java.io.IOException: Unable to open the file
at net.sourceforge.ganttproject.GanttProject.openDocument(GanttProject.java:1897)
at net.sourceforge.ganttproject.GanttProject.open(GanttProject.java:1867)

This is due to two bugs in the ganttproject and ganttproject.sh scripts:

---- ganttproject ----
.ganttproject.sh $@

.ganttproject.sh "$@"

---- ganttproject.sh ----


---- Resources ----
Passing parameters with the $* or the $@ does not preserve the spaces and blanks and one parameter becomes two or more if there was a space in it. If one wants to preserve those blanks the "$@" formula needs to be used.

Bug report is filed on Sourceforge for ganttproject.sh:

Patch is submitted on Sourceforge for ganttproject.sh:

Patch is attached.


Hi Karoly,

thanks for your patches !
I am rebuilding the package with them... In my first test on my hardy, I needed to modify the /etc/gnome/defaults.list in order to associate the mime type and its gnome launcher "x-ganttproject.desktop", by adding this line in the postinst:
echo "application/x-ganttproject=x-ganttproject.desktop" >> /etc/gnome/defaults.list

After a few tests, I will commit the changes on my branch and mark this fix as mature.


Karoly Molnar (karoly-molnar) wrote :

Hi Christophe,

It seems that the ganttproject-startscript-parameter-fix.patch has not been applied to the code. I can start the application from the menu, but when I double click on a .gan document ganttproject doesn't start.

This is the relevant code in /usr/bin/ganttproject
case $1 in

You need to change "") to *)

The *) is the "else" branch in case


Dmitry Barashev (dbarashev) wrote :

Hello guys,
I am Dmitry, the lead of GanttProject team. Appreciating your packaging efforts, I'd like to draw your attention at our official download page on SourceForge: http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=72728&package_id=158613

There is a .deb package that installs on the latest Ubuntu 8.04 . Juan-Luis Baptiste (http://sourceforge.net/users/jbaptiste/) maintains this package, so you may want to get in touch with him and help him if necessary

Hi Dmitry,

nice to meet you! Thanks your this information, I take a look on this package but I'm not sure it can meet the Ubuntu packaging policy since it seems to be only an alienized rpm package. I don't have enough time to work on it until october but I'll contact him soon to merge our efforts.

Although the package is basically working on hardy, it still have some little bugs with the gnome integration, and I didn't debootstrap the last development release (8.10) to test my package on it, that's why I switched again my branch into a development status.

petit-prince (petit-prince) wrote :

Hi Christoph,

is there any progress on this? As far as I can tell, Karoly's suggestion hasn't been applied to your branch yet, right?

Looking forward to the final package!


Hi guys,

I am sorry but I didn't update my branch recently. I am going to do it really soon. The package I built in a first time was not done by the way it should be (it was built thanks to the binary archive whereas a debian package have to be built _directly_ from sources). Integrating GanttProject in Debian/Ubuntu is a bigger task than I imagined, I explain in details the way I use to build the last stable release (2.0.9 at this time) at this address: <http://work.grenet.org/pub/ganttproject> (and I provided a .deb package). I want to finish this work as soon as possible, but currently I have some issues (see the section '4.1 Introduction' and the section '4.3 TODO list') .
A little feedback from Dmitry about the use of the JDK 1.5 would be greatly appreciated (I think we are obliged to use a JDK which is available in the repositories, even if the JDK 1.4.2 is the official version recommended by the GanttProject developers).



Unfortunately, I will not succeed to build the needed package for GanttProject. Although GanttProject is under GNU/GPL, it comes with binary libraries in its sources. I perfectly understand why, but these binary libraries causes me 2 big problems:
* most of them are legacy versions compared to the libraries provided in Debian/Ubuntu, and I don't know if GP can work with newer libraries. Building and maintaining deprecated libraries does not seem to be a good idea.
* I don't know what to do with some libraries/components which are not open source. For example:
  - MXPJ: it is another open source project (GNU/LPGL) used for a plugin. But it depends on Sun Java Web Services (WSDP), which is closed source (and deprecated).
  - AppleJavaExtensions.jar: after a quick look at developer.apple.com, I easily succeed to get the binaries... but I didn't find the sources.
  - Eclipsito.jar: "There is a library called eclipsito.jar which implements a small part of org.eclipse.core.runtime and supports the following features"... I don't know if it is a homemade Eclipse plugin but it is impossible to find any info/source/doc on it :(

Personnally, I _like_ GanttProject and I think it is a good software. But this software is almost not debianizable for some reasons. It is _impossible_ to upload any binary blob in the main repositories (D main/contrib and U main/universe). It is feasible in D non-free and U multiverse, but personnaly I am not interested in maintaining non-free (and deprecated) libraries...

I have updated my branch with the debian package (which contains the same jar files than the source archive provided at SourceForge), with the common packaging files (.orig.tar.gz, .diff.gz and .dsc) and a little explanation on how I built it as clean as possible.

Hope this help if someone is interested in going further (or just for download the .deb package).


petit-prince (petit-prince) wrote :

Hi Christophe,

though it is sad to see an open-source product not being packaged due to licensing reasons, I understand your reasoning. I appreciate the job you've done and use the package nevertheless :)


petit-prince (petit-prince) wrote :

Hi Christophe,

I've just installed your latest package. Is it just me or is the menu shordcut gone? Can't find it in the package either...


Thorsten Glaser (mirabilos) wrote :

Yes, it was gone. I’ve revamped the package, added menu icons, shortcuts, MIME,
desktop, changed Debian policy, rewrote start script for /bin/sh, etc. and tested it on
Hardy. We’ll be using that in our company. However, I didn’t do the Java™ stuff
required to move it from non-free to main.

Attached is a .tgz with the .dsc and .diff.gz and .orig.tar.gz files, as required by

While I did this at work, my company and I offer my work under GPLv2+ too,
like Christophe did.

If someone wants to take over from here, feel free to. Maybe tell me.

Thorsten Glaser (mirabilos) wrote :

Hm. Maybe I should mention that *.gan files still show the text icon in Konqueror and
are associated with some KDE text editor, despite my tries w.r.t. the MIME thing.

petit-prince (petit-prince) wrote :

Hi Thorsten,

thanks for the update! Just wanted to assure you that your efforts are much appreciated.


Thorsten Glaser (mirabilos) wrote :


Binary package too, via PPA, for all who can’t wait ☺

Thorsten Glaser (mirabilos) wrote :

I still don’t get the *.gan association right.
I’d appreciate if someone had a look.
I even went through the great pain called bzr to aid in this…


I am not sure if what I have is related to this topic. I will post it anyway. Maybe someone can help!

The issue I have is related to the feature "save state" and "compare to previous". Nothing happen when I try to save. "Compare to previous" is not even active.


Dmitry Barashev (dbarashev) wrote :

Marius, the best ways to discuss GanttProject bugs and features are described on the offical GanttProject site: http://www.ganttproject.biz/discuss

Maarten Bezemer (veger) wrote :

As one of the GanttProject developers, I am working on the GanttProject debian package (hopefully according the the Ubuntu/Debian rules)

Changed in ubuntu:
status: Confirmed → In Progress
Maarten Bezemer (veger) wrote :

Still working on it. Well basically it is working, but I still need to 'get rid' of several java libraries and replace them with packages.
Problem is that these libraries are outdated and the available package have versions which are too new.

The packaging project can be found at: http://launchpad.net/ganttproject

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