Comment 4 for bug 1040499

Steve Langasek (vorlon) wrote :

I would argue that this doesn't warrant a release note because this is not a feature that we advertise anywhere as being usable (or if we do, that's something we should correct!). If users are *lucky*, having an alternate CD to hand for upgrading the desktop will save them a CD's-worth of package downloads; but it isn't going to be a complete upgrade without the network, and by and large it's only the hard-core apt users who are going to expect this to work in the first place. So I think documenting one specific case where it might fail is a misplaced emphasis. Nor do we have a fully triaged bug here, or even a reproduced one. So I think it would be premature to release note this bug in any case.

The amount of effort that's been put into the CD upgrader case for this point release far exceeds anything that's been done in past releases, and it's in a much better working state than I think it's ever been previously. I don't see any reason to prominently call out remaining bugs in this corner case upgrade scenario in the release notes.