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Carlos Blanquer Bogacz (cblanquer) wrote :

This generalised bug is persistent. Microsoft trains its salesforce to learn about GNU/Linux and use arguments against it.
As of the tasks to overcome the current situation I dare to propose:
1. make GNU/Linux and between them Ubuntu distributions be known using a ear-to-ear strategy
2. make Ubuntu distributions easy to configure and to update, for breaking the myth GNU/Linux requires technical or plenty-of-free-time users
3. ensure as many language tranlations as possible, giving the opportunity to feel confident by using an own language version to more people
4. make Ubuntu become widespread so that people know there is the possibility to choose - usually many do not even know that free sotware exists
5. focus on more "convertable" users:
5.1. business are not likely to switch easily but administrations or educational institutes might;
5.2. the younger seem to be more attracted than the elder; 5.3. emerging and poorer countries have more potential of growth if distributions are suitable to the hardware and telecoms options

And probably more, but we should focus on those at least.
In order to start, each of us can contribute to the distribution evolution, install at our homes, worksplaces if allowed and firends computers. This cold be the best advertisment campaign.