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Sarangan Thuraisingham (tvsaru) wrote :

I see this bug time to time. I am not talking about the average joe who doesn't even know what an OS is. But, I am talking about Computer Scientists. Yes, you heard me right. Fellow students in my Computer Science degree, are as addicted to Windows as Hippies were addicted to "LOVE" in the 60s ;-) . Our university(University of Southampton, UK), has invested a lot of time, money and effort into providing us with a room full of Linux PCs with latest hardware. Yet, we see students flocking to M$ Windows PCs.

Bug Fixes:

   1. User awareness/education - I am working on it. So far managed to convert my brother and four of my friends. Though, few revert to M$ often, due to hardware incompatibilities, with time these issues can be resolved.
   2. Advocate the fact the UBUNTU is free - Yes, your PC would be a lot cheaper if it wasn't for all the pre-installed software. May be with the saving you can afford better peripherals or even a high spec PC. As abdulmueid commented above[in bug#1's comments page], the use of Linux based computers is the only way for computers to become widely available in developing countries. Mmmm will they still be called developing countries then...
   3. Advertise in YELLOW Pages/Directory Listings for free Ubuntu consultations - LUGs are a good idea. But people are hesitant while venturing into the unknown(to them that is). So may be the LUGs can advertise, offering help in local news papers, TVs etc.
   4. Awareness initiatives - Government should allocate funds to create awareness among people. National Televisions should telecast programmes during prime time-slots, to advise people about the open source software. I think, people wouldn't want to break the law when there is a legal and free alternative. Why pirate MS Office when you can use Open Office? Why get all the spam, spy ware, virus?

Well, all this is my objectives for the future. I am just waiting for my chance. Until then I am just preparing myself and doing whatever I can to help.

"Small drops make the mighty ocean"

So do your bit to help....

-- Saru