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Martin Wildam (mwildam) wrote : Re: [Bug 1] Re: Microsoft has a majority market share

On Thu, Mar 9, 2017 at 12:20 PM, Boris Malkov <email address hidden> wrote:
> I'm using Ubuntu since 8.04, and have noticed something. It was improving with every single release,
> but since 12.04 I don't see neither the progress nor at least stability: it is getting worse.

I am not an Ubuntu developer, but as far as I know, lately most things
happening, happen in the background / under the hood (e.g. X11
replacement). And of course this might cause more bugs rising
(temporary). And yes, I also experience some issues, such as
[Bug 792085] Re: Automatic remount of safely removed USB 3.0 drive
which finally got fixed (even if on launchpad it is not yet marked as
fix released).
But I am still fine with the overall stability and I use Ubuntu all
day on my primary work laptop and several other machines/devices.

> The 16.04 tortures me with many glitches on the daily basis, and I found here a bug report already submitted by other people for every
> problem I have. Most of those reports are YEARS old and still are UNASSIGNED.

I found 2 bugs you are following which are older. One is Bug #304345:
"File chooser dialog doesn't provide network access" - which is a
duplicate of another bug which has been fixed. The other is Bug
: "Remmina Crashes with when connecting to some RDP hosts"
which in reality is not an Ubuntu issue only. People write that it
depends on the certificate on the remote Windows machine. And oh yes,
there is a third issue that is related to launchpad itself. Is that
what you identify as reduced overall Ubuntu stability? What I see at
co-workers and customers what they fight with Windows, I am still way
better off with Linux.

> This tells me: Ubuntu doesn't give a s**t to user experience and bug reports any more.
> So I think this particular bug will never be resolved, at list because no one cares.
> And, btw, Ubuntu became so s**tty that I switched to other distro after many years with Ubuntu.

My experience is that the better details on a problem you serve the
better the answer is, what you get.
So maybe try to provide more exact details on your problems to help
the developers finding the bug faster.

Best regards, Martin.