Comment 1918 for bug 1

Neither the way Microsoft will/says/wants bringing Ubuntu to Windows
nor the rise of Android on the mobile phones is IMHO an argument to
mark Bug 1 solved.

Even from the usability of the basic operating system I think there
are still to-dos left to make more people move to Linux - apart from
the bigger problem of 3rd-party Windows-only-application lockin and
dependency of formats that are Windows-only (only yesterday I was
confronted with a QuarkXpress user and couldn't tell, what Linux app
can open and edit them).

I mean there are basics like this:
- Not sure if everything fixed in has found
it's way into the latest Ubuntu 14.04 and into 16.04 (will check when
it's out).

Or like this:

There are other annoyances and none of them will hold back those who
know well about the benefits of Linux, but it may hold back new users
when they try Ubuntu for a week and struggle with such basic things.
And as long as users do not definitely request and demand for Linux
they won't get it from the hardware vendors because they don't care if
the users don't care.

Best regards, Martin.