Comment 1915 for bug 1

I have to agree with @Mark Cariaga (mzc)

The bug was never sent a proper solution.
The reason is that there are a large base of software running ONLY on Windows.
Wine is hard at this moment to be configured and there are so many things that can go wrong that never
In order to be able to fix this bug, wine must be fixed in the same way microsoft engineers thought about. It can be done (see reactos for example ) but only with the help of entire community

I have to tell that from some point of view, open source comunity was not so wheel organised in order to fix what need to be fixed instead of adding and adding more and more features.

So, Microsoft can do such things like "Windows Subsystem for Linux" (ok some times ago was another similar project with small impact , Windows Subsystem for Unix ) ) and open source developers are not able to ? Is this for real ? Is this a non fixable bug ?

Why everybody in recruitment use Microsoft Word format instead of open document format ??? Have Microsoft win the battle ?